Acting: What Do You Want to Become and Be-Comfortable Expressing?


I just saw Meryl Streep accept the Golden Globe Award for best Actress in a Comedy Feature Film. She said she is very clear that she is just the vessel for other’s stories and other women’s lives.  But don’t we all know that she has opened herself to be a channel to allow full expression of all human qualities.  There is nothing she can’t express!

 I have been designing a new class that fuses acting in movie scenes, self-discovery, color psychology and meditation to free people from inhibitions in a fun, exciting experience of acting movie scripts.

 I have always known that acting was a transformational experience. In fact, I think I was drawn into acting as a teenager because I sensed it would transform my life and make me “somebody.”  The training that actors receive and the skills they practice as they play roles help them transform their lives by experiencing and expressing universal human qualities represented in their scripts.  The actor who plays a leader can’t help but take on the qualities of leadership.  And what a thrilling way to learn to express yourself!

 Many people mistakenly think that acting is faking or pretending.  But you can’t call what Meryl does “pretending.”  Acting is being real with what you think and feel in the moment in the playing of the script.  Great acting is breathtaking truth and authenticity!

 If you want to learn to be authentic, if you want to be all you can be, if you want to express yourself freely and fully, get yourself to an acting class. There is a reason we revere actors.  That reason is that they are willing to be fully expressive.  Full expression is attractive, compelling magnetic and powerful. In no other kind of training but performing arts do people learn the techniques that free their full self-expression.

 When you practice a role you become those qualities and you be-comfortable expressing those qualities.  So, ask yourself, what movies do you want to star in?  What roles do you want to play?  Get the script, learn the lines and practice the scenes.  Become those qualities, be-comfortable being more of who you are.

I am Sandra Zimmer, author of It’s Your Time to Shine and founder of Self-Expression Center.  I offer group training and individual coaching that can help you transform fear of speaking and become a compelling, persuasive speaker so that you can shine when you share your ideas, insights and expertise.