Changing Your Life Story with Acting


My webmaster Kenan Branam happens to be a thought leader about the internet and the future of humanity.  He is always trying to make sense of the world and how we humans live in it.  This cold drizzly Houston morning in December we chatted about a new program I am creating called Your Life Stars YOU!. My new course is a self-expression and self-acceptance program using acting scenes from popular movies to help participants transform their lives to be what they want to be. As we chatted, Kenan poured forth a flow of exciting thoughts and ideas about how we each can change the way we look at ourselves. I am compelled to share some of Kenan’s insights.

 We each see the world and try to make sense of it by matching what we see with our memory and our experiences.  We match what happens to the stories that we tell ourselves based on our experiences.  Storytelling about yourself is essential to your self identity.  In other words, the story you tell yourself about yourself is how you identify yourself.  Your self stories help answer the core questions of Who am I? What am I?  What is my potential?

 But here’s the exciting part!  We create our own life story.  We create our reality by the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.  So we can write new stories about our future.  And we can rewrite stories about our past.  We can literally change the way we look at and live our life by changing our story!  So we can recreate the Self to be the way we want to be.

 One of the fastest ways to rewrite our story is to act out the old stories and the new stories.  Acting is a way to practice behaviors that we want to live.  This is where my new class comes in.  Movies are the most experiential form of communication.  Watching a movie is to feel some of what the actors are portraying. But acting the scenes from the movie is to practice the behavior and make it yours. 

 In my new class, we will identify behaviors we want to experience and express or behaviors that we want to become more comfortable with.  Then we find scenes from popular movies and act out those scenes.  In this wonderfully fun manner, we will start to rewrite our own stories so that we will learn to star in the movies of our own lives.

 If you are intrigued by Your Life Stars YOU! call me at 281-293-7070 or visit the class description at