Creating from the “Back of Your Head” as Suggested by JK Rowling

JK Rowling is celebrating 15 years of Harry Potter books this month. She sat down to an interview on Good Morning America August 27th to talk about how she crested her amazing characters. You can see that interview here or watch the video below.

Ms. Rowling said that her most beloved character, Professor Dumbledore, was probably written “from the back of her head.” he said things to Harry Potter that she did not know that she knew until she saw them written on the page.

It is her statement about creativity from the back of the head that intrigues me. I have a  strong intuition about the importance of creating from the  back of the head, not only for writing, but for speaking as well. When I meditate, I often get to levels of awareness that are experienced as spacious, meaning my understanding seems expansive. The thoughts that come through don’t seem to originate from my personality, but from a soul level.

I also notice this same kind of thought process occurs in my group speaking clients after I guide them into a deeper, more meditative state of grounding and presence before I ask them to speak. They often think they know what they are going to say before taking the center of attention.  But once in front of the group, something bigger, more expansive, more universal comes out of their mouths.  It seems that a higher aspect of their consciousness takes over and speaks through them.

I have often talked about becoming an instrument through which spirit can speak. when we prepare the body, mind and emotions with a state of presence, we often say things that are richer and more profound than we expected to say.  It just may be that we are then “speaking from the back of our heads!” Here is the interview with JK Rowling. Enjoy and celebrate the wisdom of Dumbledore!

JK Rowling on Good Morning America 8-27-13