Flipped Teaching: Get Ready for Your Close-up! Great Concept but New Video Teaching Skills Needed.

Learning by doing is how we learn!  Seems so simple.  Yet old fashioned teaching methods have teachers, instructors and professors lecturing on and on and on and students tuning out.

The flipped classroom concept allows students to watch short instructional videos outside of the classroom and then to practice skills in class while a teacher is available to watch, coach and help.

Read an article about flipped teaching at Clear Brook High School in Friendswood, Texas written by Monica Rhor in The Houston Chronicle.

This is a great concept!  Really, it is going to revolutionize teaching at all levels.  Harvard, MIT and online learning sites are moving quickly to integrate video learning. Coursera and Udacity have sprung up to offer classes to people around the world.

Bit, there is only one small problem! Teachers have to be able to present themselves on video!

Anyone can point a video camera and shoot, but not many people look and sound good on video.  And not many feel comfortable talking while cameras are rolling.

Udacity.com, an online university, turned down hundreds of applications for teachers.  I will bet many were turned down because they were not comfortable or compelling on camera.  What do you think?

My prediction about video is that it will become the communication medium of choice soon. Just as the landline phone took over from handwritten letters and emails and text messaging have almost supplanted the landline, soon much of our phone communication will be by video.

So get ready for your close-up! Video communication is coming to your business, home and school.

If you’d like to practice becoming comfortable and compelling on video, I am now coaching people in person and on Skype and Oovoo to communicate on video.  It’s fun! You’ll be ahead of the curve and it makes you feel like a star!

Read a description of my video coaching “How to look Good on Video.”

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