Great Leadership Begins with Leveling with People


I heard this on the radio today, “Great Leadership begins with the ability to level with people.” That’s another way of saying we must be transparent to be effective as leaders.

I just heard Obama criticized for going to Cairo to “apologize” for American behavior. It might just be that he was being transparent – leveling with the world about where we are together as citizens of the world. Sometimes the leader in any situation has to open his heart to the followers. Then the followers can begin to trust the leader as a fellow human being.

The Beatles once sang, “Give peace a chance.”  Maybe before we can do that, we must give transparency a turn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Obama could lead the world into an Era of Transparency?

For transparency in speaking, I offer a workshop called Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Presence.”  Transparency requires openness in speaking.  You can learn to be wide open, connecting to the minds and hearts of listeners, and like Obama, you can experience the power of being able to level with listeners.