How Pronouncing Consonant Sounds Clearly Makes a Non-Native English Speaker Easier to Understand

Learning to pronounce consonant sounds is vital to mastering clear, crisp, intelligible speech. This translates into meaningful spoken communication that is easily understood. Pronouncing consonant sounds clearly makes every word you articulate more precise. This in turn makes your overall message more readily understood by your audience, whether it is a small group or large gathering.

Consonant Sounds are Robust.

Consonant sounds are well-defined. They provide rhythm and percussion to speech. Their robust nature tends to soften your accent. Rather than be distracted by this accent, your audience is more attentive to the message you are presenting. With their robust nature, consonant sounds tend to add definition and emphasis to the important aspects of your communication which makes your overall presentation more easily understood.

Pronouncing consonant sounds with purpose tends to make you pay closer attention to your words so that you slow your speech slightly. This small change in your verbal presentations helps hold your audience’s attention and enhances the general understanding of your message.

Consonant Sounds Give Definition for Easier Understanding.

Consonant sounds are vital for correct articulation of any word. Consonant sounds are generally consistent which makes them the foundation for most words. When you articulate consonant sounds within a word correctly, that word is universally understood which makes your entire communication more effective.

Additionally, when a word ends in a consonant sound and you clearly pronounce that ending, your overall speech has greater definition and quality.

Take a Step Toward Minimizing Your Accent.

Self-Expression Center offers several accent reduction and accent modification opportunities for your convenience:

  • Customized Accent Reduction or Accent Modification Programs for Individuals.

Individual coaching generally consists of 8 one-hour private sessions. Ten to fifteen specific sounds of English that the foreign-born professional is not pronouncing correctly are identified and addressed. The student learns how to articulate those sounds. Sessions may be taken one hour per week or one hour every two weeks to allow the student to practice and integrate new sounds into daily speech. Sessions may also be completed by telephone or by Skype from anywhere in the world.

Customized Accent Reduction or Accent Modification Programs for Small Groups.
Group classes for individuals are offered in small groups of 4 to 6 participants at Self-Expression Center. Participants learn to pronounce the sounds of English that help them be more easily understood when speaking English. For example Asians typically need to learn the consonant sounds of L, R, V, W, N, NG and TH and certain neutral vowels that Americanize their pronunciation. Sandra teaches participants to use their teeth, tongue and lips to form these sounds correctly. They practice in words, sentences, reading aloud. They also practice to integrate the sounds into their daily speech. Group classes are offered for 4 Fridays during lunch time.

If you would like to organize a small group of 4-6 colleagues from your company, organization, or friends, Sandra can tailor a 4 session program specifically customized for your group.

Customized Accent Reduction or Accent Modification Programs for Corporate Groups.
Group classes for corporate employees can be developed to suit the needs of the organization. Groups are most effective when limited to a maximum of 8 people. Sandra identifies the sounds of English that participants are not pronouncing correctly. She teaches participants proper articulation which is positioning of tongue, teeth, and lips, for correct pronunciation. Industry specific terms are used for practicing correct pronunciation.

Make Your Choice for Self Improvement Now. Call 281-293-7070 to request a free twenty-minute accent reduction consultation.

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