Joe Kowan Sings a Song at TED to Beat Stage Fright

Oh Wow! For all of you struggling with Stage Fright and fear of public speaking, please watch Joe Kowan give an 8 minute TED Talk on how he beat stage fright.  Joe shares that he wrote a song to express the inner feelings of stage fright as a way of dealing with it.

Those of you who have worked with me on transforming stage fright and fear of public speaking, will recognize a similar approach.  Instead of covering up and trying to speak or perform on top of the fear and anxiety, we express it and accept it. When we are allowed a safe space to be authentic with our inner tensions, they transform into a flow state and we are suddenly comfortable in our own skin at the center of attention. Thank you Joe Kowan for teaching us how to sing our stage fright as a way of healing! Your courage will inspire many to follow your lead.

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