Make Full Connection to Enhance Communication

Underneath the words, intentions and body expressions, communication is a dance of being with another person.  In communication, making connection is often more important that the actual words spoken.  We don’t have to be perfect wordsmiths to be good communicators if we can learn to engage in full connection with others.

Full connection is an exchange of subtle energy underneath the words and actions.  To make full connection means to both give and receive attention and energy while being with another.  This enables you to affect others and be affected by them.  In full connection, you can have a deep impact and influence on another and you allow that person to influence you in return.

In our Acting for Self-Expression class, we discovered that people unconsciously seek to balance subtle energy in every interaction.  Problems in communication can occur because some people push energy too hard at others and some people withdraw energy too much instead of asserting.  The interesting thing is that it does not matter what the content of the communication is.  No matter what the words are about, there is a desire to balance energy in any connection.  People who push energy too much at others want to be receiving more.  But they can’t receive until they pull some energy back.  People who withdraw energy, do so to avoid conflict.  But because they are pulling their energy back so much, it causes the other to come forward more aggressively, creating a feeling of being pushed.

If one person will attempt to balance the energetic connection, the other person will automatically adjust their energy to come into balanced contact.  If the pusher will pull energy back, the one who withdraws will be able to come forward.  If the one who pulls back will assert energy, then the pusher will relax, soften and receive more.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by someone who is too aggressive, try sending energy forward to meet that person until you feel an equal balance of energies.  You will notice he or she softens and starts to receive you.  If you are frustrated by someone who does not respond to you and you are working too hard to connect, try pulling your energy back and let that person come to you.  You will probably see that person strengthen in energy and come forward to meet you half way.

Become conscious of the energy exchange between you and others.   Experiment with what you have to do to balance the energetic connection with different people.  Balancing the connection will prevent there from being a psychic undertow below the surface of your conversations.  With little effort, you may find that you are able to give and receive more power, speak more truth and be more present in all your interactions.