President Obama Speaks to Inspire All

Our new President just spoke to the world.  He began to reclaim our place in the world.  He called on us all to fill ourselves with the spirit of service, to remember who we are as a nation that has withstood worse challenges than we face now and to begin anew the work of remaking America. His words were eloquent.  But it was not his eloquence that captured me.  It was his grounded presence, comfort in his skin and his passion that made my heart sing.  He seems to be on a mission.  Underneath his words were real strength of purpose, focused attention, intent to lead… and comfort with himself.  These are the signs of leadership. 

So, we have a real speaker in the White House, someone who can speak to inspire.  Perhaps that is the most important function of a President of The United States.  Politics aside, I am eager to see if he can inspire us to be all we can be.  Now, let us begin to do the work and remember as President Obama said, “Greatness must be earned.”