Public Speaking Pearls – Let God Use You through Public Speaking

Pearls are created by irritation and discomfort.  An oyster is irritated by a grain of sand.  To thrive and survive, the oyster develops a hard shell around the grain of sand and it becomes a pearl.  Through the process of discomfort, the oyster grows a beautiful pearl.

Ever think about the phrase pearls of wisdom?  Wisdom comes from life experience that is hard won in the same way pearls are created from the irritation in the oyster.

Almost nothing is more irritating to some people than speaking up and speaking out in public.  For some people, the fear of public speaking is such an irritant, so uncomfortable that they would almost rather die than be the center of attention to express their ideas.

Yet, I think there comes a time in life when you start to understand that you are valuable to God and humanity.  You have developed skills and abilities, learned valuable insights and awareness through life experience.  And you feel called to share all that with others to make a difference.  But guess what!  To fully be of use, you must be able to speak up, speak out and speak about your area of expertise.  It is time to do what the oyster does – go through the irritation of developing your pearls of wisdom through learning to speak in public.

If you will let God and Life use you to develop your pearls, you can step into a new level of being.  Suffer through the discomforts of learning to be the center of attention and sharing your thoughts and feelings.  Allow the transformational process of developing speaking abilities to refine you so you can make a fuller contribution to the world and so your life becomes much more valuable to God.

It does not matter how, where or with whom you go through your process of honing your own pearls.  You can hire a speaking coach, take a course, do Toastmasters or learn on the job teaching at Sunday  School.  Just find somewhere that feels safe enough for you to go through the process of opening to become someone who speaks.  You will be utterly amazed at how God unfolds your life so that your pearls of wisdom can be used.

I have always felt that learning to speak, act and communicate were processes for spiritual transformation. So I designed my classes and coaching to help draw out the natural abilities from my clients.  Learning to be who you are in front of others will open you to the greatest adventure of your life.  If it is your time to shine and share your pearls, allow me to guide you through the process that will help you give your gifts to the world. Please visit the descriptionsw of my Group Speaking Programs and Individual Speech Coaching.