Sandra Zimmer featured in Houston Chronicle Article on Public Speaking as a Career Tool

Today, Sunday, March 23, 2014, The Houston Chronicle Jobs Section is printing an article entitled “Public Speaking an Important Career Tool.” This article written by Emilia Benton, a copy editor from the Special Publications of Houston Chronicle Media Group, features some of my ideas about the value of public speaking skills for career development.

Ms. Benton writes – It’s no secret that communicating well can and will improve your success in the workplace. Speaking skills help you communicate important messages within an organization and improve and develop your leadership skills. By improving your public speaking skills, you will eventually learn how to prepare a message for various types of audiences and occasions. The main thing for anyone in business is to be able to communicate your ideas, insights and expertise comfortably in front of groups, said Sandra Zimmer, founder, Self Expression Center and author of It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Heart. “Fear of public speaking is the No. 1 fear of Americans,” she said. “That fear can be converted to energy and excitement. When you learn to transform fear, it turns into the power to express.”

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