Sandra Zimmer Method to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Recently, I wrote my most revealing article about the Sandra Zimmer Method to overcome public speaking fear and stage fright.

A Presentation Guru Requests an Article

The Commissioning Editor of, Jared Senseman, emailed to ask if I would write an article about my approach. Jared said Presentation-Guru was looking for unique approaches that help people speak and present more effectively.

Hesitant at first, I was afraid my approach would be too outside the box for Jared was persistent, assuring me that his boss Jim Harvey, famed UK presentation skills trainer and author of Prezi, was curious about my approach. How could I refuse?

So, I set to work writing. I was inspired to share as much about the Sandra Zimmer Method to overcome public speaking fear and stage fright as I could. I wanted do three things with my article. 1) to reveal as many secrets of the Sandra Zimmer Method as possible. 2) to finally understand what it really takes to free the tension of public speaking fear and unleash natural ability to speak. 3) expose people with stage fright to the idea that their fears and anxieties can be tapped to help them shine when they speak to groups.

With Jared’s support and Jim Harvey’s magnificent editing, my article was published at on December 13, 2016. The title is “How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking in 6 Mostly Easy Steps.”


The Article Opening

My Method to speaking in public focuses on transforming people who have a fear of public speaking into much more confident speakers. My clients are primarily business professionals who are good, often brilliant, at what they do, but who just aren’t comfortable sharing their ideas, insights and expertise in front of groups.

The process uses whole-person learning exercises, integrating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the speaker so that he or she is speaking from presence rather than performance.  Presence is the unifying energy that connects all us humans into the experience of oneness. It is that state of consciousness where athletes find the zone, artists experience the flow state, people who are passionate lose the sense of time while doing what they love to do, and speakers flow their thoughts by speaking from the heart.

The Method was inspired by an experience I had on Maui in 1985 while acting on stage in the musical Camelot. I was right in the middle of my big show-stopping scene, walking across center stage, performing in front of 200 people, when I must have taken a deep, body-expanding breath. My belt, which snapped at the waist and held my entire costume together, UNSNAPPED!

My conscious awareness snapped into a state of presence unlike anything I had ever experienced as an actress…..


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I am delighted to be among the authors writing for Presentation-Guru. To be included feels like an honor and an acknowledgement. My heart-felt thanks go to Jared who found me and Jim who mentored me with his smart editing!

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