Happy July 4th! Let Freedom Ring throughout the World! – Sandra Zimmer

The following post was written by my dear friend and social media expert, Karen Scott Jones. Thanks, Karen!

How often do we reflect on our right to speak freely in this country?  I think we take it for granted that we can say what we feel, but do we?  In our daily presence at home and work do we really speak freely?

Whenever Americans are surveyed about their greatest fears, the fear of public speaking is usually at the top of the list. How ironic that we have the right to speak our own thoughts and feelings but are afraid to do so. Communicating and connecting with others is what makes us unique in the civilized world.  It is an intellectual pinnacle that separates us from all other creatures.

So as we celebrate this special time in our country’s history, let us not forget what countless men and women have fought so valiantly to preserve. … Our right of speaking freely!

If you have not become a speaker, now is the time to learn to add your voice to the mix.  Learning to speak in groups, meetings and presentations is a powerful way to transform your life and the world as well.  If I can help you transform into the powerful and inspiring communicator that you know you can be, visit www.self-expression.com.