Storyselling – The secret to a successful persuasive presentation is great storytelling.

I am in love with this word – storyselling!  It says it all about the power of stories to persuade listeners to buy products and services or buy into ideas.

Storyselling is the act of telling the authentically persuasive story. It is sharing the story that excites others to say, “Yes, I want that!”

Everyone now knows that people make buying decisions emotionally and then justify with their rational mind. Telling others about the features and benefits of your idea, product or service often is just not effective enough to motive others to take action.  You have to say something that moves them emotionally. What causes people to feel moved is the story about how your idea, product or service caused a transformation for someone else, for instance, another client.

Transformation makes the idea, product or service more meaningful, more valuable.  So find your authentically persuasive story, share that story and then finish with how the story is relevant for your listener. Watch how storyselling increases your ability to persuade listeners to see things your way or to buy what you are offering.