Taking Time to Process the Tension of Stage Fright and Fear of Speaking


Over several years, I developed a pattern for the process that guides people safely and slowly into healing stage fright so they feel free to share their thoughts and feelings in all kinds of situations.  Even more remarkably, this process awakens in people a powerful and authentic presence that radiates from them.  However, this system is not a quick fix – it takes time and requires a specific set of progressive steps. 

 It takes about six sessions just to develop the pattern of the Speaking from the Heart process. Those initial sessions are needed to establish safety in the group and to lay the groundwork for experiencing the process together.  You can’t rush the process.  A choice to take more time and go more slowly is always better than a choice to go faster.   Going too fast and feeling too much emotional intensity is part of what creates stage fright in the first place.  Our minds think they can handle more intensity and do things faster but our bodies react by contracting in fear.  Speaking from the Heart slows you down enough that your mind can integrate with your body and feelings, so you learn that it’s safe to be your real self in front of others and just be there with them.