Taylor Swift – Transparency is a Key to Taylor’s Success

Recently, I was fascinated by an NBC Dateline documentary spotlighting the singing star, Taylor Swift. What compelled me to pay attention and watch the whole hour twice was the authenticity from which this dynamo of a performer and businesswoman lives her life and runs her productions.

At 19 years of age, she runs the whole show; and she has already learned the lesson of being a transparent leader for the hundreds of people who work for her. As the leader of her production company, Taylor focuses on treating people well. She said that even if she gets frustrated during rehearsals, she never lets herself yell at people. Instead she looks for ways to ask for what she wants sweetly.

In her performances, Taylor grants a transparent view of her real life through her songs and her stage shows. Whatever she experiences, she writes songs about. Even her interview with Dateline’s Hoda Kotb became a part of her show. She took the emotions of being asked about her breakup with Jonas Brother’s Joe Jonas and made it a song and a theater piece for her Fearless Tour.

I have often told my clients and students that talent is simply the ability to connect with your inner Self honestly and to express that Self authentically in some creative form. Your form for expression can be speaking, singing, acting, painting, sculpting, dancing, music or writing – any form of self-expression. If your expression reflects your authentic Self, it will be brilliant.

Taylor Swift is showing the world what authentic talent is and the world is paying attention. Her transparency is surely a key to her great talent and her success. And you can do it too! As Marianne Williamson once wrote, “It’s not just in some of us. It’s in everyone.” When you are speaking or expressing, give the world your real stuff! Let your audiences in on your inner reality. When you do, you will shine!

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