The Power of Self-Expression

There is simply nothing that transforms your life as much as Self-Expression, because a profound shift in consciousness happens when you open yourself to share your truth.

“What we say is important… for in most cases the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” – Jim Beggs

As you express your inner Self, your whole being is changed for the better.  Old emotional wounds are healed when you become real.  Physical tensions release as you express authentic emotions. Your mind clears because you de-clutter thoughts you have been holding.  Spiritually, you radiate a light that glows from within. Even your relationships with others improve as you feel relaxed and open to connect with others. People can sense your openness and are drawn to you magnetically.  You feel free to share your ideas, insights and expertise to make a difference in the world! 

The power of Self-Expression is the power to reveal the soul, which is love.   In my early 30s, I learned that all feelings, no matter how negative, can transform into love when you accept and express them. Here’s what happened…

I was involved in a relationship with a man who was challenging and often emotionally unavailable. He did something that made me furious, I don’t recall what it was that he did, but I do remember I was outraged by it. I was so angry that I was beside myself.  I knew I had to calm myself down, but I could not let go of the thoughts, emotions and inner tensions.  I decided to try focusing on feeling my emotions rather than trying to make them go away. I lay down on my bed and turned my attention inwardly to feel the intensity that was overwhelming my body and mind. I kept focusing my attention on feeling the anger for a long time, occasionally talking out loud to describe what I felt. Suddenly, the angry feelings evaporated! Amazingly, I felt a kind of bliss rolling through my body. I was filled with a sense of peace. All anger was gone. I just felt love. This seemed like it might be the true meaning of forgiveness.

Expression of feelings clears the channel to your soul because it removes some of what blocks you from experiencing love.  The work I do now draws from that experience I had so long ago when I learned that negative feelings can transform into love if I accept them and express them. I guide people who are experiencing fear and anxiety at the center of attention to release their tensions by feeling and expressing those tensions.

 When you learn to stand in front of a group and share your true feelings and thoughts, you forge a direct connection between your personality or “lower self” and your soul or “higher Self.”  That connection creates a conduit that feeds soul energy to your personality.  In time, you become soul-infused, embodying and radiating the energy of spirit.  You become an instrument through which your spirit can speak. You literally begin to shine when you speak!

 Is it your time to shine? Are you someone who wants to speak authentically so you can make a bigger contribution to the world? I invite you to join my journey to authentic self-expression by contacting me at