The Solution to Stage Fright is Right Here, Right Now

Stage fright is life fright. It is fear of feeling in front of other human beings. Stage fright exists in us because we can’t relax and accept what is happening in the now moment. We are resisting the feelings and thoughts that are occurring now as we get ready to speak up, speak out or speak about a topic of importance.

When we are seized up with stage fright we experience physical tension, emotional intensity and mental anxiety that combine to create an overflow of psycho-physical energy that seems overwhelming and out of control. On top of that, we don’t want anyone to know what is happening inside us!

The ultimate solution to stage fright is to learn to relax into the flow of high intensity emotional energy, accept that it is happening, make it OK to experience and be able to share your reality in the moment. When you can do all that, you can use stage fright to jump into a state of presence known as the flow state.

In my personal journey to deeper presence, I am challenged with an autoimmune condition that has damaged my thyroid.  The result of this thyroid situation is an anxiety that mirrors the stage fright anxiety I dealt with so long ago. I am working with a marvelous Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, Henderson Smith of Living Well Therapies, who is helping me overcome the challenges of this health crisis.

Henderson said that in order for things to change and heal, we have to accept life just as it is now. If we don’t accept it and relax into life as it is now, we can’t make room for the something new to be received. If the body is filled up with tension of how bad things are now and the mind is totally focused on fighting what is happening, then we can’t open to receiving the healing and all the good stuff we want to happen.

Henderson’s injunction to me was to allow the experience of the now moment, whatever it may be, so that I can relax and open to something new. His phrase to repeat is, “What would life be like if I could accept life just as it is right now?”

Henderson’s wisdom applies to stage fright and fear of public speaking. You can’t change it until you accept your own experience. If you are experiencing stage fright tension or fear of public speaking right now, feel the energy in your body.  It may be in your chest, throat, stomach. Just take some time to feel it. Then accept this moment.  Hang out with that feeling. Just let it be. Make your experience right, not wrong. You may find that if you stay with that feeling in this moment, it diminishes and maybe even dissipates. Stay with it long enough and something else may occur that you did not expect. Let me know what happens.

I teach the Zimmer Method for transforming the tension and anxiety of stage fright and fear of public speaking. It allows you to use the tension as a springboard for becoming an authentic speaker. Visit for more information. Or simply reach out and call 281-293-7070 to connect with me.