What Acting Classes Can Do for You

This week, Tuesday night, marks the re-emergence of my acting classes at Self-Expression Center. Acting as an art form, for its own sake, has long since lost its luster and attraction for me. I am after much more important results from acting! I think all the art forms are really for the purpose of healing issues of self-expression. Acting in particular has import for daily life, business and interpersonal relations. And this is what interests me! Learning the skills that actors develop is a FUN way to transform the way you express who you are, so that you become more effective in all aspects of your life.

So much good comes out of acting classes. First is freedom of expression. The art of the actor is the ability to express a wide range of qualities and emotions freely. Second is confidence to show up in front of others. Much of business is about showing up with confidence to share your ideas, insights and expertise to make a difference in the lives of others. We call that “service.” Thirdly, at least the way that I teach acting, is authenticity. Acing is about being real with what you feel in the moment. I know that sounds paradoxical because acting is pretending to be someone else. But the actor learns to believe in himself so that his actions and emotions are genuine rather than faked. (Remember as a child how fully you believed you were a cowboy, Indian, mermaid or princess?) Acting reminds you that you do not have to be limited; you can become anyone you want to be, for real. Fourth, acting classes teach you how to connect fully with other people and to respond spontaneously. Acting is about making a genuine connection that is two-way, both giving and receiving attention from others. Lastly, learning the skills of actors develops presence – real, palpable and powerful presence. Because acting requires learning how to be in the moment, acting students become adept at being here and now. They literally radiate a presence that attracts the attention of others.

When you think about it, these are all qualities and abilities that professionals, leaders, managers and executives need to possess in order to be effective in business relationships. Several years ago, I chanced upon an article published in the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) newsletter. The article said that the two most important skills that women managers should develop if they want to move into executive levels were humor and acting. Wow! Got my attention!

Do you have an idea that acting might propel your professional development and business communication to a new level? That it might help you develop self-expression, authenticity, confidence, connectivity, and presence? Well, you are right! If you think it might be a valuble step in your career development, come and join in this Tuesday at 7 PM. Visit self-expression.com for details.