Why My Process for Transforming Stage Fright Works

The magic of the Zimmer Method is in providing a safe space where people can go through their tensions and release them.  Permission to feel is healing; it is that simple.  The only way out of the tensions is to go through them.   Instead of making the tensions wrong, we create a group where there is permission to experience and express the tensions.         

I believe you need a group to do this healing.  Since stage fright is about fear of feeling in front of others, it can best be healed when there are others to nurture and support your feelings.  The great power of this method is that you develop permission to be who you are in front of others.  It happens gradually and gracefully as the group gives you permission to feel whatever you feel.  It happens without having to analyze where the fear came from.  You simply contact the sensations in your body and share them as they are being experienced in front of the group.  Sometimes a speaker will get information about where his or her fears started, but it doesn’t matter if you never understand the origin.  What matters and what heals is the simple act of being real with your feelings in front of others and receiving acknowledgment and acceptance from others.  The healing occurs because you are clearing emotional blockage from your body.        I used to think that you had to thoroughly understand your issues to heal them, but now I believe healing is just a matter of having the freedom and permission to experience the emotions that got stuck in the body.  Once you accept the feeling and you can share it with others without self-judgment, then the feeling clears and you are free of the issue.  When you are free to feel in front of others, you are free to be yourself.  You can relax into just being who you are, wherever you are.  There is no greater freedom!