MAKING EXPERTISE STATEMENTS: How to share your expertise to influence others.

Most of the time when you share your expertise, it is on the spur of the moment in a spontaneous situation where you need to tap into your knowledge and expertise to help your clients. A model to help you make an expertise statement connects your experience to the interests of the client. This model comes from The Consultative Approach, a book by Virginia La Grossa and Suzanne Saxe.

There are three parts to a good expertise statement:

  1. What my experience has been (use a story)
  2. What I learned from that experience
  3. How my learning applies to the current situation

This model establishes credibility, adds the insight that has value and makes the connection to the current situation.

Practice making expertise statements so that you can call on this model the next time you want to influence and support your clients. Recall a time you wanted to share your expertise and did not feel successful. Think through the steps of this model until you feel satisfied with your expertise statement. Now think of an upcoming situation where you expect to be called on to share your expertise. Practice so that you will be able to share yourself credibly and powerfully.