Audio 4 – Sandra Zimmer Helps a Radio Listener Deal with Overcoming Fear of Speaking to Clients

Sandra Zimmer and Cheryl Lynch, co-hosts of The Women’s Business Radio Show, respond to a listener who asks how to handle her fears about speaking in front of clients.

Sandra shares that people with fear of public speaking have the potential to be impacting speakers because they have strong feelings which can be used to create genuine emotional connection with others. Sandra assures the listener she is sensitive and can learn to use her feelings to her benefit rather than turning those feelings against herself. The listener needs to let go of perfectionism about speaking and allow herself to be good enough.

Sandra encourages the listener to work on mental, emotional and physical levels to overcome her fear of speaking. Mentally she should change her self-talk to more positive thoughts. Emotionally, she must make herself right for being sensitive. And physically, she should learn to get out of her head and to relax into her body so she feels more grounded and present. Sandra also encourages the listener to work in a safe group of people where she can learn to be comfortable being who she is in front of groups.

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About Sandra Zimmer

Sandra Zimmer has coached thousands of professionals for public speaking and for overcoming fear of public speaking. Sandra suffered terrible stage fright, but she had the right set of training and experiences to figure out how to transform public speaking anxiety into radiant presence and confidence to speak from the flow state. She brings her training in psychology, acting and directing, meditation, spiritual psychology and voice to help you shine when you speak.
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