Case Study: Bill – SZM group speaking course prepared architect to win a $56 million dollar building project

Bill is an architect working for a mid-size construction firm. His boss referred him to work with me because he thought he had a lot of stage fright. When Bill presented information to groups, his voice quivered and he turned red in the face.

Bill participated in my Speaking from the Heart Group Speaking course over twelve weeks. It did not take long for me to identify Bill as a sensitive achiever. That is what I call a professional who is highly sensitive, compassionate and feels a sense of mission to make the world a better place.

Like many sensitive achievers, Bill experienced strong physiological body sensations when he became the center of attention. In fact Bill did not have stage fright or fear of public speaking at all. He just had a passionate nature and did not know how to manage the intensity he felt when he became the center of attention.

In Bill’s group speaking course, he learned to accept the sensations he felt and to allow himself to “stand in the rush” of his inner sensations. He learned to use his sensitivity to his benefit, first by being open about his sensations and secondly by allowing the energy he felt to radiate from his body. As he learned to radiate his presence, he began to shine at the center of attention. He also learned to see his listeners through the eyes of compassion and to connect with them on a genuine and emotional level. In short, he learned to present just by being the person he naturally is.

A few months after completing his course, he called with excitement in his voice. He shared how he had successfully let his project team to the successful win of a $56 million building project.

He expressed gratitude that the experience of the course had taught him how to shine when he spoke.

Here is the phone message after winning the project:

When we spoke a day later he shared:

“I sat down at the table and went into the zone you talked about in class. I never left the zone! It was amazing!” Bill said that neither he nor anyone else from his company in that room has ever experienced that kind of interview process. It was unparalleled. One hour after the presentation was over, the client called to say we had the job. “You made me shine! In front of the client and in front of my new boss! Thank you Sandra from my heart!”

What Bill learned was how to transform his sensitivity into passion for his own benefit and for the benefit of his company, clients and community.