Speaking Voice Training for Diction, Vocal Power & Projection

Learn to speak with vocal power, resonance & projection so listeners pay attention.
Learn diction & proper pronunciation tips so others understand your speech clearly.
Experience how the power of your natural voice enhances your oral communication skills.

Develop a speaking voice that compels attention and adds to your leadership presence through speaking voice training with renowned speech coach Sandra Zimmer. Sandra is a Certified Lessac Voice Teacher. She was trained personally by Arthur Lessac to teach his remarkable vocal method for voice and diction. She has taught Lessac Voice for over 3 decades.

Sandra is able to identify the specific area(s) of training that will help achieve your professional or personal vocal goals. She will customize your training so that you achieve results in as few as 8 one-hour sessions.

Through Sandra’s individual voice coaching, you will be proud of your own voice. As Arthur Lessac taught, “Don’t envy a good voice. Have one.”

Areas of Speaking Voice Coaching

  • Voice Control – Learn the basics of vocal tone and control including breath support, resonance, projection, and elimination of unpleasant voice qualities (i.e. nasality, too high-pitched, or throatiness). Your voice will sound deeper, fuller, more powerful, and beautiful. You will love your new voice!
  • Diction – Learn to articulate consonants to eliminate mumbling and create clear, distinct speech. Formerly called elocution, diction is often all non-native professionals need to make their speech understood easily.
  • Vowel Pronunciation – Learn Standard American pronunciation of vowels to reduce regional dialects and foreign accents.
  • Vocal Color – Learn to put inflection and emotion in your voice to influence others. Learn the secret of “coloring” your voice so others feel your message.
  • Speaking Clearly for Foreign-Born Professionals – While it is not necessary to eliminate a foreign accent, it is important that listeners be able to understand your speech. Learn to pronounce sounds of American English in order to be understood more clearly in professional and personal situations.

Individual Coaching Fees:

  • $1,000.00 for 4 one-hour session
  • $1,800.00 for 8 one-hour sessions
  • $2,600.00 for 12 one-hour sessions

Sandra Zimmer offers individual voice coaching in her Houston office and by phone or video conferencing from anywhere in the world.

Your voice is the instrument on which you play the symphony of your life. – Millard J Bennett

About Sandra Zimmer

Sandra Zimmer has coached thousands of professionals for public speaking and for overcoming fear of public speaking. Sandra suffered terrible stage fright, but she had the right set of training and experiences to figure out how to transform public speaking anxiety into radiant presence and confidence to speak from the flow state. She brings her training in psychology, acting and directing, meditation, spiritual psychology and voice to help you shine when you speak.
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