Public Speaking Testimonials

The Self-Expression Center receives wonderful accolades from speech clients and public speaking students, some of which we are honored to share here. Feel free also to ask for more letters from those who have participated in our presentation skill training. We have tons of them!

We’re also sharing some videos and audios of group public speaking talks and testimonials. Watch these videos here: videos from my clients!

Written Testimonials

“You made it so easy to move from intimidation and outright terror to warm openness and comfort before an audience that I scarcely know what happened. What I do know is that you coaxed us into amazing encounters with ourselves in a safe and positive environment. Since completing your first six-week course, I find that I am much more comfortable communicating with people in any setting because I am more connected with my self. This first class has impacted my life and my work so much that I can hardly wait to start the next one!

Thank you so much for making something I would have avoided into a seemingly effortless and life-transforming experience.”

Karen T

“Unlike many of your clients I have had a lot of experience speaking to groups. I thought I was well-trained and effective. Little did I know! I have a whole new way of interacting with audiences with inner calm and presence. I can actually be with people in a way that invites their engagement and participation at a whole new level. I am no longer concerned with how I look or “doing it right.” The attention on my performance is minimal and my attention on my audience is paramount. The result is that both my audience and I have a whole lot more fun and get related quickly.”

Rob L.

“Over the weekend, three people told me that they can hear my heart and Soul speaking when I got up to speak. I got up and spoke in front of 300 people at least 5 times! Short, precise, and very profound and heart-felt! Even the instructor said, “WOW! Give her a hand! And then he elaborated on how what I said was so profound and wise. I laughed to myself…. and said, “Thank you, Sandra!”

Tonica P.

“As expected the Dean asked me to give a 4-5 minute talk about a specific topic ten minutes prior to the faculty conference! Thanks to you…I was able to get grounded and feel comfortable in my own skin and “Nailed” the talk! Thanks a lot for sharing your gift with me. I wish you well in all your future endeavors and shine like a “Rock Star”.

Al K.

“Your book arrived and I am reading it. I also have received your recommendation: Your Voice is Your Calling Card. I recently went to Japan for company meetings and spoke before 30 of my peers and was able to be effective, informative, humorous, and grounded and in the moment, in my mind. And I did receive compliments from my boss and others. It was a time I would have dreaded before spending time with the Sandra Zimmer Method process. I actually slept the night before. My presentation was not perfect but it was good enough for me to give me the confidence I need to keep improving and make be believe in myself. I had bullet points and eye balled (connected with) the audience as they eye balled me. I believe it gave me authenticity and power and something I could not have achieved without your help.

You are an excellent teacher, mentor, nurturer and I sincerely appreciate the calling of your life. Your process empowered me to do something that I needed to do and will enable me to do that which I have always avoided and dreaded.”

David S.

“I want to thank you for all your help with my speaking career. You have gone above and beyond simple coaching. I appreciate the importance you place on not changing people. Thank you for making speaking a wonderful experience for me.”

Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medallist, Author and Speaker

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the personal growth and newfound confidence I have experienced as a result of my participation in Speaking from the Heart. Some unfortunate experiences in my life left me so shattered I was terrified of speaking in front of people and extremely uncomfortable even in small groups. I must admit even standing in front of the class with my arms out stretched made me want to run and hide. Returning for the second class was an act of courage and faith on my part and I will be eternally grateful that I did! After your courses, my confidence returned and I undertook one of the biggest projects of my life, co-producing “The Second Annual Women Supporting Women Conference.” As I was standing on the stage at the Wortham Center to make my presentation, I was filled with excitement instead of fear. It was a great victory in my life, one I would not have attempted without the support and encouragement of you and my fellow classmates.”

Brenda Wind

“I won first place at the 1995 International Platform Association’s Speaking Ladder Competition. The competition was excellent and I witnessed a number of brilliant speakers. The competitors were from all walks of life: Toastmasters, performers, lawyers, ministers and professional speakers. However, none seemed grounded enough to magnetize an audience. They all seemed to talk from their heads and not their hearts. They were all missing true audience connection. I truly believe I won because of your classes and coaching. I was able to ground myself, release the spiritual energy inside and connect with the souls of the audience. I felt as if I was “one“ with the audience.”

Tyrone Moncriffe, Trial Lawyer and Law Professor

“I was asked to do a talk this past Wednesday at NASA by a therapist I know in their EAP office. They were expecting 50 to 75 people, but 130-150 showed up! I had a Power Point show which we couldn’t get to work, so I just winged it. I have YOU to thank for this and I must say, my little success this week inspires me to do more.”

Barbara Reichlin, Psychotherapist and Certified Imago Therapist

“In my profession as a representative of over 3000 hotels globally, my counterparts and I do not have first-hand knowledge of all of our hotels! As a result each time we meet as a group we individually make presentations on two or three of our hotels. We had a meeting recently and for the first time ever I made these brief presentations with confidence and calmness. I felt in control of the nervous terror that used to take over my body whenever having to speak publicly. At this meeting I also made a presentation on how to review and use our hotel company’s quality reports as a tool for determining appropriate meeting sites for our clients. It continues to amaze and strengthen me each time I conquer what used to be complete terror of an opportunity to be center stage! My friend and associate who attended the meeting commented on the new confidence that I displayed. Speaking from the Heart I & II has changed my life!”

Lisa Davis

“I have grown and changed so much through your classes! Before I came, I actually turned down the most incredible job offer because I would have to speak in front of people. I settled for something less. Then took another job that requires me to train. I decided not to run away again. That was when I came to your classes. Right before my last session of Speaking from the Heart, I was asked to facilitate my first team building exercise. I said yes immediately. With only two days to prepare, I did not back out. While nervous minutes beforehand, once I got started I was empowered! The sessions flowed smoothly. Although I tend to be critical of myself, I must say, I was impressed – I surprised myself! I never imagined I’d make it this far! And certainly not so soon! You have made a significant difference in my life!”

Chris Sommer, Compaq Computer Corporation

“When I came to your classes, I was not comfortable speaking to the many (1400) volunteers that I help manage for The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Since your course, I have experienced a Genesis! Before, I was reluctant to speak. Now it has become fun and I look forward to the opportunity to speak. Your help has changed my life.”

Ken McGuyer, President, Petro-Chem Refrigeration Corp

“When I started my new job, I suffered from stage fright and lack of assertiveness in professional situations. I often spoke at meetings from a place of “no permission“, meaning I was afraid to say what was on my mind because I believed I had no right to express what I thought. Your classes in 1994 completely changed my professional life. I now look forward to making presentations, both informal at work and more structured at conferences. Both are critical for my continued professional success. You are a true blessing in my life. Your personal attention, sensitivity, encouragement and groundedness are an inspiration to me.”

Marilu Hastings, Director of Policy and Economics Division, Houston Advanced Research Center

“I haven’t been in touch since my last class with you but I think of you often. I wanted to relate to you something important in my life that I feel you and your class helped me through. I lost my mother unexpectedly in January. It was a great loss to me but I have had great inner strength as well as friends and family to help me through. I was asked to do a eulogy, and without hesitation I agreed. I felt totally confident in front of 100 or so people, speaking from my heart about my wonderful mom. Your influence helped me overcome any fears of speaking in front of this crowd and to get in touch with my feelings about my mom. Thank you again for all you do for people like me to realize their potential and to make a positive difference in life.”

Tony Waguespack

“I was asked to teach a class at “Teach 2000“, the largest Christian seminar in the U.S. with one week’s notice. We had over 4000 ministers, Sunday school teachers, lay-people and youth directors. I taught over 20 people in my class. I used everything I had learned in your class. I was not afraid! I actually hated for the class to end. It was FUN! Speaking from the Heart is one of the best things I have ever done. I know without a doubt that I would never have been able to speak to this group had I not participated in your class. Thank you “from my heart.“

Barbara Reid

“I went on a job interview and found myself “speaking from my heart“ about the future of medical practice and where I would fit in. Most of the providers I had never met. I felt myself really in the moment and among a VERY captive audience. I was just amazed at how it went. I owe my relaxed comfortable interaction to you and the classes.”

Michael Heard, MD

“I am now teaching at Texas A&M. This semester, I am teaching a music appreciation class of 100 students. I tell you I came to you in the nick of time!!!! Your class has freed me up sooooo much!! Even my violin playing is freer having taken the class. Music is a language after all. I just want to say thank you. ”

Nicole Cherry – Violinist with The Marion Anderson String Quartet

“How beautifully my presentation went at the National Conference of teachers of English in New York City! Incredibly, I was not even nervous, only eager to share from my heart what a transformative experience professional reflective journaling can be. The best review I can give you is that, on completion, it seemed that almost every person wanted to share how the experience had been for them, and two teachers were so moved they cried among a roomful of strangers. Working with you has been a powerful experience indeed, and one for which I am most grateful. I learned so much watching you compassionately encourage and guide all of us in our group class. And then I felt an exponential growth from our individual coaching lesson. You are a master of your trade and so carefully allow success to find us all at precisely the right time. ”

Patricia Eagle, Professional Reflective Journaling

“Sandra, please accept my joy and excitement “the day after“ your weekend Turning stage fright into Dynamic Presence workshop. As I told you yesterday, it was everything I was looking for and more. You have found a way to make it possible for me to find and be with the power that I have. Part way through the workshop I began to feel a presence or strength in my upper abdomen that is still with me. It’s solid like a rod or column of a building that supports me, but also has a pure energy quality to it. Besides the techniques for centering, relaxing and connecting that I learned in the workshop, this presence will be a constant reminder that I can and do connect with others in powerful ways.”

B. G., Safety & Environmental Specialist, Major Oil Company

“Your is a very supportive environment that stimulated growth and confidence. By the end of the second day I felt that I had the beginning of a healing journey. Sandra is a wonderful spirit with a special gift which she is gracious enough to share with others.”

Mike Powell, MD, Atlanta, GA

You can also watch VIDEOS of public speaking class talks and testimonials.

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Sandra Zimmer has coached thousands of professionals for public speaking and for overcoming fear of public speaking. Sandra suffered terrible stage fright, but she had the right set of training and experiences to figure out how to transform public speaking anxiety into radiant presence and confidence to speak from the flow state. She brings her training in psychology, acting and directing, meditation, spiritual psychology and voice to help you shine when you speak.
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