Voice & Diction Testimonials

“After just eight short lessons, my voice really does feel richer and much more modulated. Not only do I feel calmer when speaking – which has increased my overall confidence – but I’ve gained a much more comprehensive understanding of how the voice works as an instrument. I found it very heartening to hear your words of encouragement as I struggled to break bad habits and make sounds that – while they seemed very strange and difficult at first – proved to be much more resonant. It was very exciting to hear my voice change throughout the course.”

Ellen Mitchell

“I am writing to tell you how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to work with you one-on-one for voice and interview coaching. You were able to target in on my problem areas right away and make corrections to some bad habits I developed. I was inspiring to hear improvement in my voice so early in the process! You equipped me with the tools I need to continue with work after our sessions ended.”

Laura Hrehor

“The private one-hour sessions have allowed me to be more easily understood in person and on the phone. The grounding exercise has helped the pace of my speech slow down and flow at a more understandable speed, which has allowed my words to become more clearly articulated. Our work together on creating structured telephone conversations has helped me get the information from customers faster, as well as making sure their needs for calling were met every time. The training contributed directly to my ability to work with customers all over North America in a more clear and effective way. What I have learned has also carried over to my personal life, allowing me to communicate better with my family and friends.”

Lisa Little

“Just wanted to thank you for finding Sandra Zimmer and the Self-Expression Center. Sandra has been great and we addressed my “voice projection” issue pretty quick. We’ve even used some of the time to work on presentation construction and the elements of influencing. I’d highly recommend you file her name in a handy spot for others that need similar help.”

Scott Pappan

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see how much I have grown. I never really thought I could be confident In my voice, but a couple sessions with you changed my entire perspective of confidence. I have learned that It is a choice to be heard, and I will continue to make that decision everyday. I learned how to organize and give talks, which I was thrilled to find easy and exciting to do. This will serve me for the rest of my life, and I’m very grateful I learned it at an early age. Learning how to use my voice confidently has helped me in school. I used to be so shy around teachers, and now no one is saying “Can you speak up?””

Erika Safranek (16 years old)

Thank you for sharing your gift with me. The benefits of developing voice resonance through my dedicated study have been phenomenal. In addition to me now having command of a fuller, richer quality of sound and a voice with an increased dimension, I have experienced a sense of inner peace and clarity. Since I have made no other changes, I attribute this state of being to your training. Having the ability to ground myself with vocal resonance has enhanced my confidence which I’m certain will affect every aspect of my career in or out of the entertainment industry.

Kayce Carpenter

“Having just completed your 8-week, voice coaching session, I feel uplifted in so many ways. I came there wanting to improve my speaking voice and finished with not only that, but also a self-confidence level I have never known. As a personal/life coach, my voice, confidence and ability to connect with people are extremely important. You made me feel that you were my champion and I still feel that.”

Milista Anderson

About Sandra Zimmer

Sandra Zimmer has coached thousands of professionals for public speaking and for overcoming fear of public speaking. Sandra suffered terrible stage fright, but she had the right set of training and experiences to figure out how to transform public speaking anxiety into radiant presence and confidence to speak from the flow state. She brings her training in psychology, acting and directing, meditation, spiritual psychology and voice to help you shine when you speak.
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