Corporate Public Speaking Programs to Improve Verbal Presentation Skills

Sandra Zimmer Method corporate public speaking training programs are highly effective for facilitating your group members to be comfortable and confident speaking in groups, meetings and presentations. Sandra creates programs that build on your teams natural abilities, so that their style of speaking or leading is authentic to each individual, based on being who they are.

For corporate clients, Sandra customizes all of her training programs to meet the needs, goals and time limits of each organization. Your Sandra Zimmer Method program is designed for you and is not canned.

Sandra will guide your employees to shine when they share their stories, ideas and expertise. They will experience much greater confidence to speak authentically and persuasively. That will make your employees more capable of telling your story, selling your product or service and sharing their valuable ideas to help your organization succeed.

In order for Sandra to determine if she can fulfill your goals, she will ask to have a conversation with the senior leader who is initiating the training.  Please be prepared to give her 20 to 30 minutes of your time to explain who you want trained and what you want them to learn to do to be.

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In a 20-minute call Sandra will help you clarify your communication goals and identify the steps to achieve your vision. She will also answer your questions about her services and how she can help you attain your goals.

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