Corporate Program

Corporate Public Speaking Programs to Improve Verbal Presentation Skills

We guide your people to shine when they share their stories, ideas and expertise. They experience much greater confidence to speak authentically and persuasively.

Summary of Corporate Programs

  • Presentation & Leadership Presence
  • Leadership Presence & Persuasion
  • Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence
  • Speaking English Clearly for Non-Native Professionals
  • Project Interview Coaching
  • Individual Coaching for Presentations & Public Speaking
  • Workshops for Corporate Retreats & Association Events

Presentation & Leadership Presence Program

Presentation and Leadership Presence is Sandra Zimmers’ corporate presentation skills progrm.  Sandra teaches your key people to develop a strong leadership presence and to deliver compelling presentations and communications.  She guides your leaders to speak authentically, connect genuinely and contribute their ideas, insights and expertise in meetings, groups and presentations.

Our Approach is Different

The Presentation & Leadership Presence Program does not lock participants up in mechanical speaking techniques; rather it frees them up to be natural and comfortable when speaking to groups. Our presentation training approach builds on individual’s strengths, allowing tension and barriers to fall away. It honors their uniqueness and enhances their confidence. This program is facilitated in a totally supportive and non-critical atmosphere which allows participants to relax enough to take risks and connect with their authentic self.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Establish a strong, capable and professional leadership presence
  • Transform the tension of being the center of attention
  • Be at ease and feel comfortable in their skin in front of groups
  • Make genuine connection with listeners
  • Develop a style of speaking that is authentic for each person
  • Present expertise credibly in presentations and client meetings
  • Find compelling stories from personal and professional experiences
  • Include story telling into their talks to engage and persuade listeners
  • Develop confidence to think on their feet
  • Build stronger connections among team members

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Our Flexible Program Formats Are Customized to Your Group

Our Zimmer Method presentation training programs are flexible and tailored to your company’s needs. We work with you to develop a public speaking training or presentation skill training program that fits your goals and time constraints.

Training is offered in several possible formats, including:

  • Two-Day Program
  • One-Day Programs
  • Three Half-day Sessions ( 5 hours per session)
  • Weekly Courses – meeting for two to three hours per week over several weeks
  • Individual Coaching

Leadership Presence & Persuasion Workshop

Sandra Zimmer facilitates this experiential program to connect your employees with their natural leadership presence and ability to speak persuasively.

This program combines Zimmer Method proven exercises from public speaking, storytelling, psychology, theatre skills and performance energy states so participants experience a new ability to be with and persuade listeners.

The Leadership Presence & Persuasion Program focuses on two key leadership skills – 1) exhibiting the presence of a leader and 2) crafting persuasive messages. The first skill is non-verbal; the second is a verbal skill.

Sandra Zimmer guides your group through a holistic learning experience to develop the presence of a leader. Participants learn to release patterns of inner tension which cause them to show up as scattered or anxious. They become comfrotable in their skin and relaxed at the center of attention so they are ready to lead from their authentic selves.

Once leadership presence is established, participants learn the seven elements of compelling content that make up a persuasive message. The seven elements of persuasion help listeners mentally understand the reasoning and emotionally feel the meaning behind an authentically persuasive message.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Establish a strong, capable, professional presence in front of others
  • Develop comfort in the skin in front of others
  • Make genuine connection with listeners
  • Understand 7 elements of compelling content that add up to creating an authentically persuasive message
  • Practice crafting an authentically persuasive message
  • Practice delivering an authentically persuasive message


  • One-day
  • Two half-days

4 – 8 participants

Cultivate Gravitas for Leadership Presence

This transformational Zimmer Method program will teach your leaders to develop their own leadership presence and persona. Learn to step into the role of a leader who exudes gravitas. Participants will explore 5 physical factors that help them cultivate gravitas – weight, time, space, voice and movement.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Integrate 5 physical factors to develop the behaviors that embody gravitas
  • Hold the center of attention through grounding the body for leadership presence
  • Step into the skin of a leader to exude gravitas through a transformational mind/body exercise
  • Resonate and project your voice tone to hold attention of listeners
  • Practice thinking and speaking key messages while holding a state of gravitas.

Through the process of this course participants will not only understand what gravitas is, but will experience it in a bodily-felt way.


Because this program initiates a transformation, it is not offered as a workshop. Rather, it requires a series of sessions over time.

  • 9 weekly sessions or monthly sessions (2 hours each session)
  • Individual coaching (8-12 one-hour sessions)

4 – 6 participants.

Speaking English Clearly for Global Professionals

Companies often have employees from diverse backgrounds and cultures who speak English with various accents. Even if employees have a strong grasp of the English language, heavy accents may interfere with their ability to be understood when communicating crucial information.

Because others make unconscious decisions about whether to listen or trust experts based on the clarity of their speech, it is important that non-native professionals be understood easily when speaking English for business.

Sandra Zimmer’s training in Speaking English Clearly: Diction for Global Professionals helps valued employees correct the sounds of English that are preventing them from being easily understood. This program does not get rid of their accents. Rather, it teaches them to pronounce the specific sounds of English that will make their speech clearer and easier to understand when communicating with clients, customers and co-workers.

Participants learn proper articulation of English sounds by positioning the tongue, teeth and lips for correct pronunciation. Once they have learned to pronounce the specific sounds that will make the biggest improvement in their speech, they practice industry specific terms to help when speaking about their business.

Results of the Speaking English Clearly Training

  • Allows the global professional to be more easily understood when speaking english.
  • Increases confidence to share expertise and take charge when opportunities arise.
  • Improves the their acceptance as an “insider” and a respected colleague who is easily engaged in conversation.
  • Increases the global employees value to the company, clients and customers.

Speaking English Clearly Course is customized for your global employees

We can design a group course for up to 8 participants which would meet for 6 – 10 sessions. Group participants must be from the same language or culture so the sounds learned are relevant to all participants.

Individual Coaching is also offered in 8-session or 12-session packages.

Project Interview  Presentation Coaching

Project team leaders are often brilliant at their technical expertise but may lack the presentation and persuasion skills to win a project. If they are stiff, awkward or boring at the project interview, they may lose a project for which they are the best choice.

The success of your company depends on developing new business and the ability of your team leaders to present persuasively in project interviews. To win new projects, team leaders must not only be able to present their technical expertise and processes in a credible manner; they must also be emotionally engaging and compelling so that the client selection panel feels your project team is the one who can guide them safely through the project.

Sandra Zimmer coaches project team leaders to prepare and present a persuasive presentation that tells your company story and addresses the client’s vision for their project. The presentation preparation process adds additional value by creating chemistry among team leaders and sub-consultants. Clients can sense the chemistry among your team, and your team members work together more effectively once the project is won.

View a PDF file Presenting to Win that offers details of Sandra Zimmer’s coaching for project interviews.

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