Interview Coaching Testimonials

When I failed to land my dream job, I came to Sandra after having a series of unsuccessful interviews with different organizations for positions that I thought I was well qualified for. As a result of her private tutoring, She helped me recover the job I initially lost, improve my skills and land my dream job.

Brian G.

Thanks to your excellent coaching techniques, I was able to land a great job. My interview went extremely well; so well that I am being requested to be on the interview committee for new managers we are hiring. I appreciate your professional coaching methods, these made a real difference for me.

Keith H.

I want to say a big thank you for all the support, encouragement and coaching you gave me throughout my sessions with you. At a point where I was feeling low with my self esteem, you helped with bringing out the best in me and re-establishing my self confidence. My new job is going very well and all the lessons learned from your sessions have also been very useful for me on the job.

Tony O.

Thank you so much for your coaching and support. I would not have lifted to the level I did without your tips. As you know I am an introvert and making presentations has always been tough for me. On this occasion I was able to step into the flow and provided an objective view of what I brought to the table and how I could contribute to shaping the city. After the interview, the recruiter rang to give me feedback. He said that I actually scored best of all the candidates on the presentation at the beginning. I didn’t use any materials. I just spoke from the heart about my values, potential contribution and past successes. I am delighted with my performance and with the fact that I now have a profile as a high achiever with a strong record of success.

David M.

I got the job. Thank you so much for the help. I started last Monday and my new team is now officially reporting to me. Thank you.

Case C.

Good news, I just got the job offer from Sacramento State Univ. — Associate Dean of the College of Education. I was their top choice, just took time to get permission. We’re negotiating. She said the Search Committee was very, very impressed with me, my presentation, and all the research I’d done on them, and they were very strong in their recommendation of me. Thank you!

Kathy N. PhD

I have some good news, I have been promoted to director! I have to say thank you because working with you has made me “own” the role and be able to defend it from a very genuine position, so thank you!!!

Laura V-B.

I’m back from defending my dissertation in Switerland. I received the highest grade, summa cum laude! The actual defense speech went great. Working with you as a coach was an excellent decision! You helped me to clarify my thoughts about such a complicated subject with so many parts and to figure out how to present it in a way that made sense. After the defense people were excited and for the next two days until I left at every meal someone wanted to talk to me about the material presented. So, I am extremely happy about the results and have to give you lots and lots of credit for helping me with what seemed overwhelming to present.

Lorena F. PhD.

I’m very excited to share with you that the president offered me the job yesterday!!!! He said I brought a lot of talent and they are looking for someone like me that could manage relationships. Thanks for your guidance! Much appreciated!

Manasi K. MD

About Sandra Zimmer

Sandra Zimmer has coached thousands of professionals for public speaking and for overcoming fear of public speaking. Sandra suffered terrible stage fright, but she had the right set of training and experiences to figure out how to transform public speaking anxiety into radiant presence and confidence to speak from the flow state. She brings her training in psychology, acting and directing, meditation, spiritual psychology and voice to help you shine when you speak.
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