Fear of Public Speaking FAQ

Our approach gently guides you to release stagefright and the tension of being the center of attention and frees you to express yourself naturally in front of others.

Learn how to:

  • Make genuine connection with groups
  • Be comfortable being who you are in front of others
  • Develop a presence that holds other’s attention
  • Be able to think on your feet
  • Be present to the moment while holding the center of attention
  • Be seen and be heard by others
  • Engage listeners with a compelling presentation or performance
  • Let go of the tension, fear and anxiety of being the center of attention
  • Be comfortable in your skin in front of others
  • Become magnetic so others are drawn to you
  • Discover the pleasure of receiving the support of an audience
  • Share your expertise, wisdom or talent freely and fully
Sandra Zimmer shares how her method to overcome public speaking fear is different from traditional public speaking courses, and describes options for public speaking classes she offers.