Do you have a passion to help people express themselves authentically?
Would you love to support others who have a mission or stories to tell?
Did stage fright hold you back, and now you want to help others feel free to speak?
Would you love to earn money helping people release their public speaking fears?


You can learn to become an SZM Facilitator. The Sandra Zimmer Method Facilitator Training will teach you how to guide others through this revolutionary method to become transformational speakers!

Here’s what you’ll learn to help others do and be:

  • Guide clients, coworkers or community members to speak from the heart in groups.
  • Support people to feel safe being who they are at the center of attention.
  • Make it easy for them to release their fear and anxiety of public speaking.
  • Facilitate others to become present and comfortable speaking to groups.
  • Simplify their experience of making genuine connection with audiences.
  • Help people to shine with confidence when they speak.
  • Show them how to easily find their own personal and professional stories.
  • Guide them to tell their stories simply and from the heart.
  • Teach them to craft compelling messages in minimal time.
  • Facilitate them to speak from the heart without notes to inspire others.

And the best part?

You get to experience the thrill of supporting people who are scared to speak in public to freely share their brilliant ideas and expertise…so they can give their gifts to the world! And you open up a stream of income as a transformational public speaking coach!

The Sandra Zimmer Method Facilitator Training is taught in 3 levels.

Level 1 is the SZM process that transforms stage fright and fear of public speaking into radiant confidence be at ease at the center of attention and to speak to groups. After completing Level 1, you may integrate this skill and awareness into your professional or private life to help your business or community members release public speaking anxiety, and feel more comfortable and confident to speak in groups.

More about level 1

Level 2 is the SZM process to teach people to craft and deliver compelling talks with minimal preparation. You will learn how to facilitate others to tell their personal and professional stories, think on their feet, craft compelling messages and flow their thoughts from their heart. After completing Level 2, you will be able to teach these public speaking skills your business or community members.

Level 3 is the process of becoming a Certified SZM Facilitator. This will involve monthly Zoom calls to receive further instruction and answer your questions. You will also prepare videos of yourself facilitating sessions and receive individual feedback and coaching. Upon passing Level 3, you will be certified as a Sandra Zimmer Method Facilitator.

To find out if this program is for you, please contact Sandra Zimmer at 281-293-7070.