Workshops for Corporate Retreats and Association Events

Sandra Zimmer, author of It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Develop Authentic Presence and Speak from Your Heart, delivers short workshops for events like corporate retreats and association events.

Sandra’s workshops inspire listeners to speak, sell, persuade and communicate authentically. All are interactive, experiential and packed with new insights and information to help people shine when they share their ideas, insights and expertise.

Below is a list of workshops Sandra has delivered to associations and corporate employees. Most workshops are 2-4 hour programs.

Telling the Authentically Persuasive Story to Help Win Projects

When your company is short-listed for a project, the client already knows your firm is capable of doing the job. In your presentation, they want to see who you are, if they can trust you to guide them through the project and help them create their vision successfully. You must do three things: connect with them authentically, demonstrate that you can be trusted and excite them with the possibilities for a bright outcome.

Storytelling is the gold standard of authentic communication. It creates connection, trust and persuasion. Storytelling is also a way to free presenters from emotional and physical tension. Telling a personal story unleashes your natural abilities to be more expressive and engaging.

In this experiential session, Sandra Zimmer will guide you through a storytelling process that helps you find your authentic stories and use them persuasively in project presentations. This session will help you understand the power of story and how to use it.

You will learn to:

  • Explain why stories are important and what they do for your presentations and communications.
  • Demonstrate the persuasive power of stories with a client success story.
  • Find your own stories and lessons learned.
  • Connect a story to an important sales point to make it more persuasive.
  • Experience how telling a story builds genuine connection with listeners.

Telling the Authentically Persuasive Story for Business Owners

Telling authentically persuasive stories is an important leadership, sales and persuasion tool for business owners. Stories are the gold standard of communication that make your points stick in the minds of listeners. They also touch the hearts of others, transforming your ideas from informative to persuasive. This session will help you understand the power of story and how to use it to develop leadership messages and persuasive sales messages.

You will learn to:

  • Understand why stories are important and what they do for your presentations and communications.
  • Demonstrate the persuasive power of stories with a client success story.
  • Identify your own authentically persuasive stories.
  • Use a story to make an important point more persuasive.
  • Practice delivering persuasive leadership and sales messages.

It’s Your Time to Shine: How to Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Presence

Sandra Zimmer reveals how she works with business professionals to help them develop comfort and confidence being the center of attention and speaking to groups. Sandra takes an unconventional approach to training for presentation and public speaking. Instead of locking people up in mechanical speaking techniques, she frees them up to be natural and genuine.

Sandra will illuminate what really happens in fear of public speaking and share some of her core concepts that help people transform stage fright and fear of public speaking into authentic presence. She will guide the entire group through the steps of transforming stage fright into authentic presence so that everyone experiences more comfort being the center of attention and speaking from their hearts.

You Must Be Present to Win: How to Coach Presenters to Relax, Be Present and Connect with Clients for Marketing & Proposal Leaders

Marketing and proposal professionals are often challenged to help technical experts communicate their ideas in presentations for client meetings, conferences and sales. While those experts are often brilliant at their work, they may be dull and boring when they present their ideas. Even worse, they may be so nervous and uncomfortable that they are unable to engage and connect with prospective clients.

The Sandra Zimmer Method for Authentic Communication transforms the tension of being the center of attention into natural, relaxed presence and helps presenters develop an authentic style of speaking. Sandra Zimmer will teach you how to coach people to become more comfortable, confident and connected when they present.

This session will give you some tools for coaching your experts for presentations, and it will help you enhance your own presentation skills as well. In this session you will learn how to coach others to:

  • Be comfortable in their skin in front of others.
  • Develop the presence to hold the center of attention.
  • Make genuine connection with listeners.
  • Think on their feet.
  • Add stories to their presentations.

Speaking with The Voice of a Leader: How to Develop Vocal Resonance and Projection

The sound of your voice is an important part of your professional image. People make unconscious decisions about whether or not to trust you, respect you and take you seriously based on the quality, tone and pitch of your voice. If you are not happy with the sound of your voice, you can change it. Sandra will teach you the secrets of vocal production that actors learn and use. She was trained by Arthur Lessac, the premier voice for the actor teacher in the US.

You will learn how to:

  • Place the vibration of your voice so it resonates properly, making your voice sound full and rich.
  • Project your voice so it sounds strong and reaches out to connect with listeners.
  • Use a medium low pitch to gain authority.
  • Use a medium high pitch to create energy and excitement.

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