Project Interview Coaching

Project team leaders are often brilliant at their technical expertise but may lack the presentation and persuasion skills to win a project. If they are stiff, awkward or boring at the project interview, they may lose a project for which they are the best choice.

The success of your company depends on developing new business and the ability of your team leaders to present persuasively in project interviews. To win new projects, team leaders must not only be able to present their technical expertise and processes in a credible manner; they must also be emotionally engaging and compelling so that the client selection panel feels your project team is the one who can guide them safely through the project.

Sandra Zimmer coaches project team leaders to prepare and present a persuasive presentation that tells your company story and addresses the client’s vision for their project. The presentation preparation process adds additional value by creating chemistry among team leaders and sub-consultants. Clients can sense the chemistry among your team, and your team members work together more effectively once the project is won.

View a PDF file Presenting to Win that offers details of Sandra Zimmer’s coaching for project interviews.

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