Presentation & Leadership Presence Program

Presentation and Leadership Presence is Sandra Zimmers' corporate presentation skills program.. Sandra teaches your key people to develop a strong leadership presence and to deliver compelling presentations and communications.  She guides your leaders to speak authentically, connect genuinely and contribute their ideas, insights and expertise in meetings, groups and presentations.

Our Approach is Different

The Presentation & Leadership Presence Program does not lock participants up in mechanical speaking techniques; rather it frees them up to be natural and comfortable when speaking to groups. Our presentation training approach builds on individual's strengths, allowing tension and barriers to fall away. It honors their uniqueness and enhances their confidence. This program is facilitated in a totally supportive and non-critical atmosphere which allows participants to relax enough to take risks and connect with their authentic self.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Establish a strong, capable and professional leadership presence
  • Transform the tension of being the center of attention
  • Be at ease and feel comfortable in their skin in front of groups
  • Make genuine connection with listeners
  • Develop a style of speaking that is authentic for each person
  • Present expertise credibly in presentations and client meetings
  • Find compelling stories from personal and professional experiences
  • Include story telling into their talks to engage and persuade listeners
  • Develop confidence to think on their feet
  • Build stronger connections among team members

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Our Flexible Program Formats Are Customized to Your Group

Our Zimmer Method presentation training programs are flexible and tailored to your company's needs. We work with you to develop a public speaking training or presentation skill training program that fits your goals and time constraints.

Training is offered in several possible formats, including:

  • Two-Day Program
  • One-Day Programs
  • Three Half-day Sessions ( 5 hours per session)
  • Weekly Courses - meeting for two to three hours per week over several weeks
  • Individual Coaching


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