Transforming Yourself through Speaking & Performing

Speaking from the Heart is transformational speaking, with much more profound implications than simply being able to speak in front of other people.  In the process of transforming yourself into being more of who you are, your life shifts to a higher level because you have more of your whole self available for communicating and being with others.  Breaking through stage fright is a gateway to another zone where you can do more, be more and have more.

There is simply nothing that transforms your life as much as self-expression, because this profound shift happens when you open yourself to share your truth.  As you express your inner self, you are changed for the better.  Emotional wounds are healed because you are becoming real. This is the essence of therapy.  In therapy, you express your internal troubles, and in so doing, you are relieved of some of the pain.  You throw off emotional baggage, become lighter and have more freedom to be yourself.  This is also the attraction to the creative arts.  In all fields of creative expression, the artist is discovering Self through self-expression.

The power of self-expression is the power to reveal the soul, which is love.   The magic of self-expression is that all feelings, no matter how ugly, are transformed into love when they are accepted and expressed.  Transformational speaking clears the channel to your soul because it removes some of what blocks us from experiencing love.  In learning to stand in front of a group and to share your true feelings and thoughts, you are forging a direct connection from your personality, or “lower Self,” to your soul or “higher Self.”  That connection creates a conduit that feeds soul energy to your personality.  In time, you become soul-infused, embodying and radiating the energy of your spirit.

Speaking from The Heart participants often comment about how they sense that something positive is happening to them on a deeper level, but they can’t say what it is or how it is happening.  The shift is slow and subtle.  Information, inspiration and intuition begin to pour into your awareness.  You are stimulated by the influx of new energy from your soul, and it propels you toward your heart’s desire.  You simply access more ability, courage and inspiration to go toward your dreams.

A few years after I started to facilitate this process, I observed that a large number of students had made shifts in their work.  Many had changed careers to do a “life-work” that was fulfilling to their spirits and that made a contribution to others.   Some were teaching and leading seminars.  Others had been promoted into positions within their companies that allowed them more creativity and more influence with others.

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