Book & Audio on Transforming Fear of Public Speaking and Stage Fright

  This is so exciting!  I am actually recording the audio version of my new book that reveals my entire Zimmer Method for transforming stage fright and fear of public speaking!  I have a little sound studio set up on my home office computer, thanks to Bill Ferguson who loaned me his equipment and taught me to use it. That is a story in itself.  Bill Ferguson, a noted teacher of healing relationships (see his wonderful programs at called me up, shared all his secrets for publishing and gave me the use of his own professional equipment to record the audio.  Before I publish the book, he recommended recording the audio version as a way of editing the book one last time.  The gift that Bill gave me is unparalleled in my experience! I take it as a sign that the world is ready for my work and that all the support I need will be available to me for the completion on the book. I am taking it easy, recording at odd hours and when I have the impulse to do so.  The audio should be available even before the book.  Stay posted!