Illuminating the Public Speaking Skills of Susan B Anthony

Rashid Kapadia,  a former student and now my great friend, is an evangelist for public speaking. Rashid is an avid reader who is masterful at drawing out public speaking and presentation lessons from all kinds of books. His latest blog post brilliantly recalls how Susan B. Anthony led the United States towards social and political equality through her speaking skills.

Kapadia wonders, “… had Susan Anthony not made a commitment to acquiring expertise in public speaking and not gotten a coach, would the world be a different place today? Would our world be a less equal place today? Susan Anthony, after submitting to her dharma, harnessed the formidable power of oratory and took it to battle. Oratory was the enabler.”

Rashid Kapadia’s own book “Necessary Bridges: Public Speaking and Storytelling for Project Managers and Engineers” devotes an entire chapter to similar observations of people who changed the world through developing their public speaking skills. Rashid offers you a gift pdf version of this chapter.

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The beginning of a new year is a great time to ask yourself what your highest mission is and how you will use your voice and speech to inspire others. What difference can you make in the world if you enhance your speaking skills?