Speaking Tips From Broadway Acting

I found a wonderful blogpost by Kathy  Reiffenstein at Professionally Speaking Blog that I simply must share with you!  Kathy draws some valuable lessons on speaking from the Broadway production of A Little Night Music.

So much of my skill as a speaker and speaking teacher comes from my training as an actress.  So it is delightful to see another presentation coach reminding business presenters about the many lessons learned from stage actors.

Enjoy the video clips of Catherine Zita-Jones and Angela Lansbury who shine in this production. Catherine just won the Tony Award for her performance.


Actors are trained in concentration as well as authentic emotion. What you will see in the video clips is the presence that Catherine and Angela have as they perform.   And you will FEEL the raw emotion as Catherine sings Send in the Clowns.

Thanks Kathy!  For a wonderful post!