Speaking to Propel Yourself into the Future – Storytelling

Life presents opportunities – moments that can propel us into a future of expanded experience. When the moment comes to turn the tide of life, what prepares us to catch the opportunity?  It is the ability to speak, to say yes, to say just the right thing, tell the right story, make the right point to the right people.  Promotions often come with the need to speak, sell, persuade, educate or motivate others. 

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for promotion is to develop your speaking abilities.  Preparing yourself to speak is a process of developing a series of skills that add up to being able to respond when the time comes. 

In the Zimmer Method for Authentic Communication, the steps build on one another making the pathway to success an easy progression for developing very powerful subtle speaking skills.  The steps are:

  1. Being comfortable in your skin and relaxing into the moment
  2. Making genuine connection with important listeners
  3. Being clear about your message
  4. Telling the right story that is persuasive


Through a progression of exercises, you learn to step into your natural ability to speak in a way that compels attention, touches the right nerve, excites important listeners with possibility and instills in them a trust in you.  All of this can happen effortlessly because you are prepared to be who you are, to be with others and to speak with them persuasively.  Last September, I was reminded how effortless it can be to connect with new clients and customers.  I had the opportunity to speak with the leaders at a consulting company.  I met first with the Vice-President of Marketing.  She was seeking some presentation training for their software consultants.  I almost did not have to talk to her.  Mostly I listened to her needs.  Then I said the one thing that lit her enthusiasm – I said the word “storytelling.”  She was delighted that her consultants could be taught to tell the company stories!  She said that their CEO believed in telling stories and thought that he would love my approach.   

She set up a meeting with herself, their CEO and myself.   Once again I did not have to say much!  Again I listened to his thoughts about what their consultants needed to learn.  After he talked awhile, I asked if I could tell a story.  I then told him about a CFO I had coached to tell a personal story at her financial briefing. My story demonstrated the power of story to compel attention, engage listeners and win hearts.  That was all it took to win this wonderful new client!  I just had to be myself with the leaders and say the single thing that sparked their imagination so they could see the possibility of their consultants engaging their own clients. 


I feel so grateful for the ability to be with people and to speak in a way that makes a difference so effortlessly!  And I love to share this knowledge with others! May I share it with you? Prepare yourself to propel yourself into an expanded future.  Don’t wait until an important opportunity has passed to get ready for what life has in store for you.