The Transformation of Mark Zuckerberg

Much has been said about Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and how he appears when speaking in public.  As recently as June this year, he sweated profusely while being interviewed.  But last Sunday he seemed calm, comfortable and in command of himself on CBS 60 Minutes.  His passion is palpable in this interview.  Some have speculated that he has received some great public speaking coaching.  I hope he has.  Every leader should.

And you know we all have to grow up.  In Mark’s position at the head of Facebook, he must become an adult and let go of the awkward, puer persona.  In order to assume his rightful position of authority, he must take on a mantle of power.  The mantle of power is a physiological, in-the-body sense of grounded presence and strength. When anyone develops presence they become more comfortable in their skin.  And comfort in one’s skin allows them to be more authentic and genuine.  The 60 Minutes interview revealed a more grounded, powerful, genuine and authentic Mark Zuckerberg.

Bravo! I believe that Mark is taking charge of his public persona, strengthening how he expresses himself.  He is becoming more of who he is.  I applaud him and any coaches who are helping him! My work with leaders, speakers, presenters can help you develop a more grounded leadership presence so that you feel much more comfortable being who you are in front of groups.  I invite you to explore group public speaking courses, weekend speaking workshops or private presentation coaching to see if you want to take on a greater mantle of power just as Mark Zuckerberg is doing.