Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Speaking with Sandra Zimmer

Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Speaking teaches you to convert tension, fear and anxiety into free flowing energy and excitement to speak.  Really!

If tension about speaking in groups, meetings or presentations is holding you back, a Sandra Zimmer Method Group Public Speaking Experience class will free you to speak from your heart.

The Sandra Zimmer Method is different from traditional public speaking courses. It does not lock you up in mechanical speaking techniques. Instead, Sandra Zimmer gently guides you to release tensions, anxieties and physical sensations that distract you from sharing your ideas freely.

In a completely nurturing and non-critical environment, in a small group of other supportive professionals who experience similar tensions, you learn to relax into being a natural speaker.

The result is that you feel comfortable to be yourself and confident to share your ideas, insights and expertise… in front of others! So, you can step into being the leader that you want to be.

In the Sandra Zimmer Method to Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Speaking,
you learn how to:  

  • Release the tension of being the center of attention
  • Be comfortable in your skin in front of groups
  • Convert fear and anxiety into positive energy and enthusiasm
  • Develop an authentic leadership presence
  • Relax into creating genuine connection with listeners
  • Organize thoughts quickly for impromptu talks
  • Let your ideas and insights flow in impromptu talks

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Comments from Participants over 30 Years:

Your workshop has been the single most effective program that I’ve ever tried!  The very next week after returning from your program, I had to present an IP Telephony business case to Motorola’s CFO and CIO.    I felt comfortable….like I was speaking to a couple friends….and they seemed oddly comfortable too.  It was more of a success than I could have imagined!.  Immediately after I left the meeting, the CIO sent my team and Corp VP a note thanking us for the terrific job….and then thanked me specifically. I’ve really turned the corner in my 30 year battle with fear (excessive) of public speaking…..thanks to your work!   -D.R.

I want to tell you again how very much I enjoyed our two-day workshop Transform Stage Fright into Authentic Speaking. I had such a strong feeling during the workshop that I had found exactly the assistance I needed to move forward with developing my personal goals.   All the work felt like I was opening up as a speaker as I had not been able to do before. It was a wonderfully rich, emotional experience, and one I will not forget. -J.S.

I want to thank you for hosting the weekend workshop of “Transform Stage Fright”. We are routinely forced to close ourselves in the “outside” world because fear of doing something wrong, getting embarrassed, etc. Your class taught me to relieve the ego, open up, and feel comfortable being in the present moment. I have never felt that open and exposed in front of a large group of people, and it felt great. Within a day, I felt dramatically more comfortable and relaxed speaking impromptu in front of the class. In fact, I was so hyped up on the feeling of opening up, by the end of the day I was the one volunteering to get up and speak more! You are able to so easily connect and empathize with every single one of your students; it is beautiful thing just to be in your presence. As a young business professional I have been dealing with “stage fright” for years without any resolve. Your class is showing me there is help, and it doesn’t require any mechanics, books, or DVDs. It’s simply BEING YOU without any regret! – J.I.

When I felt God pressing strongly on my heart, He was directing me to speak. I questioned why He would suggest what I considered to be my weakness and one of my greatest fears. Regardless of my own doubt, I simply could not ignore God’s consistent request. After all, I was praying to Him for direction with a desire to fulfill my purpose in life. I knew if I had been chosen for a specific assignment, I would need to prepare myself. I mentioned my fear of speaking to my friend, Missy. Her face lit up with excitement as she exclaimed, “You must take Sandra Zimmer’s speaking class at the Self-Expression Center. She is awesome, and she changed my life!” I signed up for the weekend class that very day. Sandra taught me how to convert my fear and anxiety into positive energy and excitement. I value and respect her method which is not focused on mechanics, but rather a genuine connection with an audience, co-workers or friends. It is authenticity that captures an audience. Sandra gave me the tools and confidence to effectively convey my experience. Sandra is another prayer that has been answered! Sandra Zimmer’s class was enlightening, soulful, spiritual, powerful and grounding. Her technique brought out the vulnerability in all of us, yet she had the expertise to convert the fear into a vehicle of empowerment. Her method is so authentic that our class was fueled by the positive energy that was created in the room, connecting all of us in the most beautiful and organic way. The classroom setting was the perfect example of what her technique will deliver to an audience. -K.S.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the instruction that you have given me through the small group and one on one.  My recent presentations went so well.  I was amazed at how the stage fright is not even there.  At both presentations I was complimented by individuals that have seen me present before.  They commented on what an impressive difference they observed. -M.R.

I gave my presentation this morning to the teenage group.  Before the presentation, I grounded myself by listening to your CD.  I was the most relaxed that I’ve ever been before a presentation.  I didn’t worry about how the words would come out, I just wanted to make sure that I shared the information that I needed to share with them.  For the first time in my life, I think I enjoyed giving a presentation. -U.W.

I have a presentation to give to one of our largest customers in the southern zone U.S. on April 15th, and I already find I am not nervous at all about the thought of doing so. This is definitely unusual even this far in advance.   – B.B.

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