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How to Respond to the Money Question when Interviewing for Jobs

Be prepared to handle the money question strategically when interviewing for jobs. Here are some tips about how to handle the money question to allow for the best outcome. If you’ve read about how to handle the subject of money during a job interview, you’ve likely learned that you should never bring it up. Most interview experts agree […] Read more

How to Help the Interviewer Interview You

When you are scheduled to interview with a prospective employer, there are some techniques that can help you be remembered and increase your chances of winning the job. it is important to understand that the interviewer might be just as uncertain as you are. He or she may not have much interviewing experience. Maybe that […] Read more

Get into a higher state for public speaking

Learn how to get into a higher state by expanding your inner awareness so you can be your best self for public speaking and presentations. Expanding your inner state frees you to be deeply relaxed, feel self-accepting and inclusive of others and to radiate a strong presence.  Experienced performers learn to enter a performance state. […] Read more

Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence

A commonly held misconception about executive presence is that it is all about dressing for the part. While appearances are important, your presence is more comprehensive than merely the clothes that you wear. Most people won’t be convinced about your leadership until you demonstrate the ability to communicate in a sophisticated and distinguished manner. Executive […] Read more

Executive Presence Demonstrated

Executive presence is at play when a person walks into a board room, a staff meeting, or a negotiations session and the room goes quiet. This quiet reception is a sign of respect which is the demonstration of high regard for an individual due to his or her personal qualities and achievements. Executive presence earns […] Read more

Frank Sinatra Demonstrates Audience Engagement Effortlessly

The great presentation guru Garr Reynolds wrote a blog post in which he shows a video of Frank Sinatra singing “You Make Me Feel So Young.” Garr quotes Sinatra saying, “When I sing, I believe. I’m honest. If you want to get an audience with you, there’s only one way. You have to reach out […] Read more

Accent Reduction: 7 Ways to Pronounce Letter “A”

When there is a need for accent reduction to help speak English correctly, learning to pronounce the letter “A” can be valuable for non-native speakers of English, for professionals with heavy accents and even for native born Americans who grew up in areas of the US where regional dialects are heavy. There are seven ways the […] Read more

Public Speaking – You Can Think on Your Feet to Engage Listeners

Sandra Zimmer shares how she guides you to think on your feet and speak in the moment, creating brief but compelling public speaking talks that make people say, “Wow!”. At Self-Expression Center, Sandra facilitates an 8-week public speaking program. Her Thinking on Your Feet class title is now called Group Speaking: Fast Track Program. For information about […] Read more

How to Communicate with Executives

If you are in a position to communicate with executives, it is important to learn the rules for delivering information to a top-level leader. First, understand what an executive is, as it will help you understand how to communicate information to him or her. An executive is a decision-making top-level leader.  As such, the executive decides […] Read more

How to Develop Executive Presence and Gravitas

Executive Presence is hard to describe but easy to recognize in a room of people. In a group meeting, one person will stand out as a leader because that person exhibits a quality of gravitas. That person may or may not be the stated leader. You’ll find an article at my website called “How to Develop […] Read more