Why You Don’t Like The Sound of Your Voice & What to Do About It

Most people don’t like the sound of their voice when they hear it replayed on a recorder. As a voice and diction teacher for almost four decades, I can attest to that fact.

When Arthur Lessac trained me to teach his Lessac Voice Method, he also trained me to have a great voice. The day that I realized that I had a really beautiful speaking voice was a day that transformed my life. I will be forever grateful to Arthur!

Watch this video from Business Insider to understand why you don’t like your voice. Then, I’ll explain what you can do to learn to like your voice.

Since you hear your own voice through the bones of your head, the quality of resonance sounds richer and deeper to you than it doe to everyone else who are hearing you through air conduction alone.

What you can do to improve the resonance and tonal quality of your voice is to place the vocal vibrations of your voice onto the front of your hard palate (the boney roof of your mouth) and allow the vibrations to sympathetically vibrate into the front of your face (the mask).

For specific instructions on how to place your vocal vibrations so that your voice resonates and sounds fuller and richer, please see my blog post How to have a Good Voice for Public speaking and Group Communication.