Two Extra Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

Interviewing is more than a set of questions. It is a stepping stone to your future, and you want to take that step with confidence. If you have made it to the interview, you have already demonstrated qualities and experience for which the company is looking. Of course, you will prepare yourself to respond to questions. To do so learn to make expertise statements.  But to enhance your chances of success, prepare for a job interview by educating yourself about the company and preparing to ask questions.

The most essential component to a successful interview process is to be prepared! This means that you, as the interviewee, have to do your “homework”.  There is a science as well as an art to the interview process. A diligent prospect knows to learn about the interview processes commonly used in their professional field in advance of the interview. They also know to research and carefully study the job description for the position they are seeking. Then read the company’s history, past and present, to determine where the company stands within the current marketplace. Determine the company’s overall goals in product and/or service specialties, and then establish how the position you are seeking is relative. Having an understanding of the position and the company provides you with the confidence to sound informed, and tells the interviewer that you are proactive, a problem-solver, and a conscientious thinker who came prepared to the interview and should be taken seriously as a candidate for employment. This “homework” on your part demonstrates to the interviewer the kind of diligence and detail-oriented attention you will bring to the position.

Asking questions is also essential to demonstrate your candidacy aptitude and it helps you to transform the interview into a conversation. Be prepared to ask relevant questions that reveal forethought and the targeted research you have conducted about the company and your prospective role.

Prepare several questions ahead of the interview. Consider the following:

(1) “With the competitive environment putting pressure on this company, what is the most significant accomplishment you expect to see from the person you hire to fill this position?” Also, “Within what timeframe should this goal be completed?” Once you open the door with these questions, you can expand on how your experience can benefit the company.

(2) Inquire about the company’s stance on social media and use of technology. Your proficiency in the areas of technology and social media are vital in today’s environment. Ask the interviewer about the company’s technological resources. Be prepared to give examples of how you have used technology and how you have kept yourself up-to-date with technological advances relevant to the position you are seeking. Share how you have used social media to research and market.

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Written by The Self-expression Center Team